Why Kevin Costner May Not Return For Yellowstone Season 5 Ending


Busy Schedule: Kevin Costner's packed agenda may hinder Yellowstone Season 5. – The actor's commitments to other projects could conflict with filming.

Creative Differences: Potential disagreements on the show's direction may arise. – Costner's vision for his character might not align with the storyline.

Contractual Issues: Renewal negotiations might be challenging for both parties. – Contractual disputes could lead to Costner's departure from Yellowstone.

Character Arc Completion: Costner's character, John Dutton, may reach a conclusive end. – The storyline may naturally lead to a resolution for John Dutton's journey.

Audience Shock Value: Writers might aim for a surprising twist without Costner. – A sudden departure could intensify the impact of the Season 5 ending.