What Are The Best Beans To Use In A Classic Chilli?


1. Kidney Beans: Their robust texture complements the chili's heartiness. 2. Black Beans: Adds a rich, earthy flavor and a satisfying bite.

1. Pinto Beans: Creamy and versatile, they absorb chili spices superbly. 2. Cannellini Beans: Offers a mild taste, perfect for absorbing chili seasonings.

1. Chickpeas: Brings a unique nuttiness and a delightful, firm texture. 2. Red Beans: A Southern classic, adds a slightly sweet taste.

1. Great Northern Beans: Mild, tender, and adept at soaking up flavors. 2. Navy Beans: Small and dense, they hold up well in chili.

1. Anasazi Beans: A heritage choice, with a nutty, sweet profile. 2. Garbanzo Beans: Brings a delightful crunch and hearty consistency to chili.