Tips for Discovering New Music on Apple Music


Explore Personalized Playlists: Apple Music curates playlists like "For You" and "New Music Mix" tailored to your music preferences, helping you discover fresh tracks.

Use the "Browse" Tab: Navigate to the "Browse" section to find a diverse range of genres, charts, and recommendations.

Follow Your Favorite Artists: Stay updated with your beloved musicians by following their profiles and receiving notifications about their latest releases.

1. Connect with Friends: Connect your Apple Music account to your social media to see what your friends are listening to and find new tracks based on their recommendations. 2. Discover Radio Stations: Tune into Apple Music radio stations for genre-specific, handpicked music 24/7.

Explore Music Videos: Find music videos for your favorite songs, and discover new ones under the "Music Videos" section.

1 Create Custom Playlists: Organize your favorite tracks into playlists, and explore new music by adding recommended songs from Apple Music.