Justin Timberlake's Top 10 Hit Songs of All Time


"SexyBack" (2006): Justin Timberlake's chart-topping hit brought sexy back with its infectious beats and iconic hook, making it a dancefloor anthem for years to come.

"Cry Me a River" (2002): This emotional breakup ballad showcased Timberlake's vocal prowess and marked a pivotal moment in his solo career.

"Mirrors" (2013): An epic love song, "Mirrors" captivated listeners with its reflective lyrics and melodic composition, earning a special place in Timberlake's repertoire.

"Rock Your Body" (2002): This upbeat track had everyone dancing with its groovy rhythm and memorable chorus.

"Can't Stop the Feeling!" (2016): From the "Trolls" soundtrack, this feel-good tune had the world dancing and singing along.

"My Love" (2006): A collaboration with T.I., "My Love" combined Timberlake's smooth vocals with a hip-hop edge, creating a captivating hit.

"Senorita" (2002): This Latin-inspired track featuring Pharrell Williams added a touch of spice to Timberlake's discography.

"What Goes Around... Comes Around" (2006): A dramatic love story turned song, this track showcased Timberlake's storytelling abilities.

"Suit & Tie" (2013): Teaming up with Jay-Z, Timberlake brought sophistication and style to the charts with this modern classic.

"Like I Love You" (2002): Timberlake's debut solo single set the stage for his solo success, featuring a fresh R&B sound and dynamic energy.