How to Set Up Family Sharing for Apple Music


1. Gather Your Apple IDs: To start setting up Apple Music Family Sharing, make sure each family member has their Apple ID ready. 2. Open the Settings App: Launch the Settings app on your iOS device or Mac.

Tap on your Apple ID: Locate and tap on your Apple ID at the top of the Settings screen. Select "Set Up Family Sharing": Scroll down and choose "Set Up Family Sharing."

Invite Family Members: Tap "Get Started" and invite family members to join.

Confirm Payment Method: Assign a shared payment method for purchases within the family group.

Share Apple Music: Toggle on the Apple Music sharing option.

Set Up a Family Calendar: Enjoy the added benefit of a shared family calendar.

Share Photos and Storage: Opt for sharing photos and iCloud storage if desired.

Enjoy Apple Music Together: Once set up, everyone in the family can enjoy Apple Music while keeping their individual libraries and preferences intact.