Every Song on the Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie Setlist


"Love Story" - A timeless classic that tells a modern-day Romeo and Juliet story with a catchy melody.

"Blank Space" - Swift's brilliant portrayal of a crazy, love-struck woman showcases her songwriting prowess.

"Shake It Off" - An anthem of empowerment and self-acceptance, this song is impossible not to dance to.

"You Belong with Me" - A relatable tale of unrequited love that resonates with many listeners.

"All Too Well" - The emotional depth and storytelling in this song make it a fan favorite.

"Style" - A seductive and addictive track that perfectly captures the essence of a passionate romance.

"Delicate" - Swift's vulnerability shines in this song, showcasing her growth as an artist.

"Wildest Dreams" - This dreamy track is a masterclass in creating a cinematic atmosphere through music.