Chris Stapleton bucks country orthodoxy on 'Starting Over' 


Raw Authenticity: Chris Stapleton's album 'Starting Over' breaks free from the polished facade of mainstream country, delivering raw and unfiltered emotions.

Genre Fusion: He seamlessly blends country, rock, and blues, creating a unique sound that defies genre boundaries.

Lyric Depth: Stapleton's lyrics dive into profound themes like love, loss, and self-discovery, going beyond the usual country clichés.

Vulnerability: The artist's willingness to show vulnerability challenges the stoic cowboy image often associated with country music.

Unique Vocal Delivery: Chris Stapleton's raspy, soulful voice adds a distinctive edge to the country landscape.

Guitar Wizardry: Stapleton's guitar skills shine, infusing the album with a dose of virtuosity rarely seen in country.

Rich Storytelling: Each track tells a compelling story, proving that country music can be a vehicle for narrative excellence.