Bears, Bison, Wolves and Other Wildlife in Yellowstone


Majestic Bison Herds: Yellowstone National Park boasts the largest population of bison in the U.S., with around 5,000 of these magnificent creatures roaming freely.

Iconic Grizzly Bears: Home to the iconic grizzly bear, Yellowstone provides a unique opportunity to witness these powerful apex predators in their natural habitat.

Elusive Gray Wolves: Yellowstone's gray wolf reintroduction program has successfully reestablished this charismatic species in the park, offering visitors a chance to glimpse these elusive creatures.

Pronghorn Antelope: Yellowstone is a sanctuary for pronghorn antelope, the fastest land animals in North America, with speeds up to 55 mph

Red Foxes and Swift Coyotes: These cunning canids thrive in Yellowstone's diverse landscapes, showcasing the park's remarkable biodiversity.

Eager Beavers: Beavers play a vital role in shaping Yellowstone's wetland ecosystems, providing homes for other wildlife like waterfowl and amphibians.