6 Best Kids Movies on Disney PIXAR 2023


"Toy Story 5: Return to Infinity" - Join Woody and Buzz on a new adventure as they encounter a new generation of toys.

"Finding Dory's Treasure Hunt" - Dive into the deep blue sea with Dory and her friends as they embark on a thrilling treasure hunt.

"Monsters, Inc. University" - Follow the hilarious escapades of young Mike and Sulley as they attend the prestigious Scare School.

"Coco 2: Journey to the Land of the Dead" - Miguel returns for another heartwarming journey to the enchanting Land of the Dead.

"The Incredibles 3: Family United" - The Parr family is back with more action-packed superhero adventures, and a new villain to defeat.

"Braveheart: A Tale of Courage" - Join the brave Princess Merida as she faces new challenges in the mystical Scottish Highlands.